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So What, or Who, the hell is a Dead Kennedy?

That’s a very good question, thanks for asking it. If this blog peeked your interest at all it’s because your a slow swimmer. When I say slow I mean really slow. A close friend of mine once said: “Your so slow you start swimming backwards.” That’s how slow you are if you do in fact call yourself slow.

So if you fit that description, your at the right blog. So what qualifies you to call yourself a Dead Kennedy? Well to make it official you only have to say yes to anyone of the following points below:

  1. There’s no way in hell you can swim a mile in open water under 40 mins without fins.
  2. A dead man could beat you in a race even if you were given a fifteen minute head start.
  3. Your the sort of swimmer that swims Alcatraz and somehow winds up at The Farrallon Islands.
  4. Your always in the slowest pod for a swim and still your behind everyone in that pod.
  5. You end up having your own personal rowboat, kayak and RIB on a swim that had more than 200 entrants.
  6. Your middle name is DFL (Naji “Dead F**king Last” Ali, or Kevin “Butt Naked Last” Buckholtz).
  7. And finally, when told your always the last one out of the water by a “fast” swimmer you reply: “Yeah, but I cannot out last you any day in 55F water buddy!”

So there you have it. If you adhere to any or all of these principles congratulations, you’re a Dead Kennedy!

The short order is this folks. I know I’m slow, I don’t care that I am. I’ve swum some long distances and made it without a wetsuit, fins, paddles, pull bouys and done it in sub 60F water.

I plan on swimming The Santa Barbra Channel this year (2019), and I plan on making it too! Training is tough and I’m always way behind my “swim Girlfriend” on every training swim, but she believes in me and more importantly, I believe in me. So if you have a dream to swim The Channel, Cook Strait, Alcatraz, or just go a whole mile without stopping, don’t let what others say stop you!

You got this!

Over the course of the next several months, I’ll be posting at least two to three times a week about how my training is going, posting inspiring videos of others, and maybe myself and letting you know the good and the bad of my journey.

We’re in this together, anything is possible if you want it band enough and are willing to work at it.

Knock knock knock

Gotta go that would be The Schmaltz police at my door…

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4 thoughts on “So What, or Who, the hell is a Dead Kennedy?

  1. Naji! I can answer YES to ALL of those questions:). It is so interesting how what we need to heat shows up when we need to hear it! I have this crazy dream… swim the SB channel. That’s all it is right now. And then you show up in my TI email!! You inspire me and I’d love to be in SB to cheer for you as you take off for your swim!! What’s the date and time?!!


    1. My window is September 16-17. Not sure of the jump time but it’ll be a beach start. I’ll post that a week or so prior to the swim 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you! Early fall, awesome time in CA… exciting! Great interview with Charles Chapman by the way….love the blogs:)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks again. I’m surprised that so many folks seem to be enjoying it😊


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